Though Yellowstone for Violin and Orchestra has received formal reviews, we think that the reviews from ordinary people better illustrate the effect that it is having on people's lives. What follows is a compilation of informal reviews and several of many fan letters that Jett receives.

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Deserving of 6 stars, July 4, 2003
Reviewer: A music fan from Massachusetts

This concerto is so unbelievable - I can't even describe it. The music is as soaring, beautiful, intriguing, and powerful as its inspiration, and every time I listen to it I get chills up my spine. It is indeed reminiscent of a movie score with a lot of variety and change throughout. If I had to (or was fortunate enough to) listen to one thing for the rest of my life, this would be it. I cannot say enough about this music - 5 stars doesn't even come close.

delightfully melodic and expressive, August 14, 2003
Reviewer: A music fan from Pleasant Grove, UT USA

How can a piece of music be so evocative of a place so diverse and amazing? This piece is extremely expressive not only of the beauties of the park but of the west in general. Where did melody go in modern classical music? It's right here.

Fan Mail

Mr. Hitt:

I purchased your CD a few weeks ago when my daughter and I stumbled upon you inside the lodge near old faithful. I brought her to the park to see what I had come to love as a child living in Idaho; our family would spend weekends in the park. We purchased your tape and being the nuts that we are played it while driving through the park the next day. We soon realized we should have had it the first day of our tour. We both like to drive to "mood" music. I had to write to tell you how much your music touched our souls. My daughter insisted on listening to it all the way thru the park, through the rest of Wyoming, on into South Dakota and even home to Minnesota. But the best part was before we left the park. We were coming out the east entrance, I had forgotten how beautiful it was. We stopped halfway down the deep drive, I got out to have her look back upward into the breathtaking view, I rolled down the car windows so we could hear your music as we took in the site. A large RV pulled up with the windows down, I began to walk around the car to turn down the music when the man driving said, "no, don't, you are not bothering us, that is beautiful", and so began my story of how we found your music. There we stood, my daughter with him and his wife listening to your music as we all felt very humbled. Along came two elderly ladies travelling together, they too asked where we got the music. There we were, 6 souls standing next to the very essence of grandeur, having our lives forever imprinted with your vision.

I had to write to you Mr. Hitt to tell you this story, and to say that your music is beyond words. My daughter takes piano at the University where I teach. Her teacher has a doctorate in piano performance, I will be sharing your music with him this fall. Again, thank you. I loved the images on your website of the park. I now wish I lived out west again. My daughter envies your riding the park on horseback, her dream. Thank you again, you are a gifted man who touched a young 12 year old girl's soul this summer, not something just anyone can do.


Mr. Hitt,

I had the pleasure of meeting you at Old Faithful Inn on July 28th and having you sign a copy of your CD for me. I then listened to your CD everyday that I drove through Grand Teton National Park this week while on vacation. I must say that it is a true spiritual experience to listen to your CD while surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the mountains. I later read the jacket cover to your CD and was amazed at how well you were able to capture in words your inspiration for your musical compositions. I'm not very knowledgeable in the technic of music but coming from a filmmaking background, I felt that your music could be used so well with visual images to tell a story, much in the way it told your story in Yellowstone. I hope this is a compliment because I very much admire the man, but your compositions remind me of the work that John Williams has done for Steven Spielberg. It is truly moving music.

I look forward to hearing the new pieces that you are working on when they are finished and the inspiration behind them. I also will be sure to find Kirk Trevor when I return home and compliment him on his contribution to such an inspiring CD.

Have a great day!


We briefly visited with you last week in the Old Faithful Inn (we're the ones from Indianapolis that are familiar with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra).

Our family has thoroughly enjoyed your composition. It was great mood music for driving around Yellowstone and our trip over the Beartooth summit. It also was incredibly timed for our entrance into the Old Faithful Inn. As walked into the lobby for the first time, your music made that simple walk into a memorable experience that even my kids noted.

Having listened to your work and read the descriptive text in the CD jacket, I wish we'd spent more time talking to you. Please know we are really enjoying the CD.


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