Prelude to Good-bye
by Jett Hitt

I have visions of a sunset
reflecting in your eyes
as the ocean breezes whisper
and the moon begins to rise

And the stars in the heavens
foretell our love
never falling, ever floating
up above

We stand bathing in the moonlight
as your eyes fill my soul
gentle waves break in the distance
and the mist begins to roll

You're the one that I've wanted
in all my dreams
standing by me, walking with me
a perfect love it seems

And with you by my side
our love can weather any storm
your arms will always keep me warm
and protect me through the night

And if there comes a day
when our love starts to slip away
just hold me tight
and everything will be all right

I have visions of a sunset
Reflecting in your eyes
but something tells me
you've already said your good-byes

You'll be my one true devotion
if you stay with me
i'll be watching and waiting
by the sea.

©2001 by Jett Hitt

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