Danae for String Quartet
by Jett Hitt

Gustav Klimt's Danae
Written in 1993 while the composer was studying composition at Louisiana State University with Dinos Constantinides, Danae for String Quartet was designed as an encore piece for String Quartet. It is extreremly virtuosic. It was inspired by Gustav Klimt's painting of the same name. According to Greek mythology, Danae was the daughter of the king of Argos, who was told by an oracle that he would be slain by his grandson. Upon hearing this, the king ordered that his only child be locked in a tower so that no man might know her. However, his plan was foiled by the ever so promiscuous Zeus, who descended upon Danae in the form of a shower of gold and impregnated her with Perseus. Danae and is dedicated to the composer's friend, German author Hans Christoph Buch.

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